Top 4 Fenugreek Benefits for Men

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Top 4 Fenugreek Benefits for Men: Learn How This Plant Can Change You

The advantages of boosting your levels of testosterone can’t be underestimated. It plays a very crucial role towards your health and well-being.

As a man, you need to have the energy and stamina to help you through the day, but at the same time, enough energy to keep your wife happy as well.

When you feel healthy and better, you’ll be able to perform better and do more. As a man, your testosterone level will define how well and energized you are.

This is one of the reasons why you’ll see different supplements promoting increased testosterone levels. One of the commonly used is the Trigonella foenum-graecum – which is most often referred to as fenugreek.

Introduction to Fenugreek

Indigenous to North Africa and India, fenugreek is one of those plants that many experts recommend in terms of boosting one’s testosterone levels. Compared to other commercially produced supplements, fenugreek is all natural – minimizing or reducing the adverse reactions it may have to the body.

This widely used medicinal plant is being used by our ancestors, as they found out all the medicinal and healing properties it contains, not to mention all the benefits it can give to men.

Here are some of the benefits of Fenugreek and what men can expect from it.

Increased Libido

As you get older, you may encounter numerous health problems, including erectile dysfunction. Although fenugreek is often being prescribed to men ages 25 to 52 years, it doesn’t just aid in erectile dysfunction, but it also plays a crucial role in increasing your sex drive.

When men age, their sex drive, or libido decreases – and the common culprit is the reduced testosterone levels. Because fenugreek is known for helping boost your levels of testosterone, it has also been found out that it can increase libido at the same time.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Most athletes require higher testosterone levels to be able to perform better and to have more energy. Fenugreek contains reductase and aromatase, two enzymes which are responsible for modifying cholesterol and converts it to testosterone instead.

Different studies were conducted and it has shown that athletes with increased fenugreek intake, has substantially shown a sudden increase in their energy, affecting and improving their athletic performance overall.

Improves Body Composition

Partnered with a healthy exercise and a healthy meal plan, fenugreek is also said to improve body composition. Because it converts cholesterol into testosterone, and because testosterone gives you the extra strength you needed, your body will be able to build muscles and burn fats faster as compared to those men who are not taking fenugreek supplements.

Prevents Heartburn

This great medicinal plant is not just used for physical enhancements and performance, but it can also be beneficial for men who are experiencing heartburns. According to a study last January 2011, fenugreek is said to be more effective in terms of treating and preventing heartburn occurrences, as compared to other drugs which are commercially being sold.

Researchers have confirmed that fenugreek, when taken before meals, can provide heartburn relief.


Despite the benefits of Fenugreek, it is important that you seek the expert’s advice prior to taking different forms of supplements, to make sure that it is not contraindicated to your current medications and/or current health condition.


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