How Vanessa improved her energy, boosted her immune system, and detoxified her body.

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She really hated how she felt and decided one day to ‘just do it.’ What she did was shed 70 pounds in just 7 months with this Superfood.

Here’s her story:

It was that same familiar feeling…

Stomach in a knot… throat dry… hand shaking…

My finger kept moving toward the keyboard.

But I just couldn’t pull the trigger...

I had just moved to Venice Beach from Texas.

Leaving behind a broken marriage and a trail of dead-end jobs…

This is where everything was supposed to change. Where I was going to fulfill my dream of having my own successful yoga studio…

But the truth is, I was barely scraping by.

I’d been forced to take a job in a supermarket just to survive. And there were times I didn’t even know how I was going to pay for groceries, let alone rent, electricity, or gas for my little Honda.

Yet something inside me made me believe that things just had to get better. My marriage to Jake was over and although it took me a while, I was reaching some kind of mental acceptance.

But not in the way I thought…

As my day started to drag, I realized I was over indulging on potato chips and soda while wasting time surfing the net for a urlmiracle cure to my health woes.

Then I saw it! A miracle supplement ‘guaranteed’ to detoxify your body and make your skin radiant all while easily helping you shed weight.

“What are you thinking? What kind of idiot are you! Why would you want to do this to yourself- again!”

But I just knew this had to be the one! This was the answer to my prayers that would finally bring me the health and comfort I dreamed of.

And it was only 40 bucks.
Or course, I really needed that $40 for rent. Or gas.

Or groceries.
So I didn’t know what to do…
And those voices just started getting louder.

But the offer was just too good to pass up. This HAD to be the one that would help me lose a few pounds, bring me self-esteem.. energy… MY LIFE BACK!

So despite not having any extra money – not a single penny I could spare – I took the plunge.

I took what little credit I had on my VISA card… entered the digits into the order form… closed my eyes… and hit the ENTER key.

And, yeah… I was crazy scared of what would happen. Especially if this didn’t work. But, I also felt a surge of excitement blast through my veins.

When I received the thank -you page link, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

I immediately began feel good about myself. It would be delivered within 48 hours…

I was so excited and ready to start getting back to my god old self. Getting healthy!


Did it work?

Did I lose weight??!!

Well, it’s kind of a STRANGE story.

UNFORTUNATELY, THAT’S NOT EXACTLY HOW THINGS WENT DOWN. wasn’t that the supplement didn’t do me any good.

And I actually did start feeling a bit more energetic.

It just wasn’t worth the months on end it took to feel that way. Especially for only a minimum improvement and having to continually buy more!

THE REALLY FRUSTRATING PART WAS… THIS wasn’t the first time this had happened TO ME.

I knew I needed a change in diet and that to do this by buying fresh and organic goodies was too pricey.

But month after month and supplement after new exercise e-book I would go from overwhelm to frustration to depression as nothing seemed to do the trick.

All I really wanted was to get fit again, feel good about myself and just enjoy life.

OVER AND OVER I’d buy a new supplement that promised TO BE THE ANSWER.

AND EVERY TIME… OVER AND OVER… I’d start out enthusiastic…

AND OVER AND OVER… those promised results never came true

Then the voices came back….


“How could you have fallen for this again…?” “How could you be so stupid…”
“Maybe it’s time to give up…”
So finally, one day, I asked myself…

“Why does this all have to be so complicated?” “Why does it have to take so long?”

“And how many times am I going to make the same mistake?”

FINALLY, I did something different… Something that even surprised ME!


I actually ASKED a professional for help. My girlfriend was a personal trainer and silly old me had never even asked for her advice.
Against my better judgment I said , “Hey, you know what? I’ll give it a try… I have nothing to lose…”

As I became physically and mentally healthier I realized it was all about taking daily action and having a well-balanced diet. I’m not going to say that this product was magical or was the only reason I managed to change my body… But if there’s one thing that has worked for me, it’s this .


It gave me a lot of energy and it tastes great with smoothies. And it has made it easy for me to shed 70 pounds in 7 months.

A green food drink that is excellent for you AND tastes delicious? Yes!

I hope my testimonial inspires you to become a better person and get the physique and health you deserve to have. This worked for me…and I’m sure it’ll work for you too.


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