Top Five Liver Cleansing SuperFoods

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Liver Cleansing SuperFoods

Need for a Functional Liver!

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body with lots of indispensable functionalities. A liver that works perfectly will result in a finer and stronger body. Scientifically, the liver is responsible for cleansing toxins and keeping internal systems functional. Regardless of how bad your diet has being, the liver makes sure unnecessary toxins are removed and your overall wellness in ensured. With this being said, there are top five liver cleansing superfoods. These foods can make your liver healthy and increase its lifetime.

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods #1 – Tropical Avocados


The list of healthy superfoods begins with “Avocados”. The tropical fruit is filled with healthy fat. According to a recent study in Japan, avocados can protect your liver from damage and ensure its long life. When compared against a dozen fruits, avocados are useful and predominantly powerful.

Avocado for liver cleansing

It protects the liver from dangerous chemicals like galactosamine. Research states that galactosamine is as severe as human viral hepatitis.

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods #2 – Great Garlics

Second in line would be Garlic. For more than three centuries, garlic has played an integral role in wellness and smooth digestion. It is present in most healthy diets. Unlike many other herbs, you can consume garlic with almost anything & everything. Chops of garlic can be added to salads or stirred deeply for a crisp taste.

Garlic for liver cleansing


Scientifically, garlic comprises of sulfur, which is essential for various liver functionalities. Additionally, the herb has selenium and allicin. These are two important ingredients to prevent cancer and improve cardiovascular health. If you wish to activate your liver and lead a healthy life, garlic must be a part of your diet.

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods #3 – Traditional Turmeric

Next in line would be “Turmeric”. This is a traditional spice from India. The spice has a history that dates back by several centuries. It is extremely famous for its anti-inflammation properties. The spice has acquired lots of attention in recent times. It protects the liver from many health issues.

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods

In fact, turmeric triggers the production of acid and bile in the liver. This can make the body toxin free and predominantly healthy. Also, turmeric encourages the regeneration of liver cells in the long run. This is why most Indian doctors recommend the use of turmeric.

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods #4 – Refreshing Lemon Water

The list of super cleansing foods will remain incomplete without Lemon water. Warm lemon juice/water is a great way to detoxify your liver. Consuming warm lemon water in the morning will give you a fresh start. According to Author AF Beddoe, lemon water is a great cleanser that triggers the production of essential enzymes in the body than any other food!

Liver Cleansing SuperFoods #5 – Powerful Cilantro

The list of liver cleansing foods closes with “Cilantro”. The herb is found in many detox routines. Though the herb is inexpensive and readily found, it does a great job! It can heal and improve sluggish liver cells. It is a natural remedy against many liver problems!

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