How does Turmeric Anti Inflammatory Help You Live Longer?

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With Turmerics anti-inflammatory and compared against conventional herbs and spices, turmeric is exceptionally powerful.

Can turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties help you live longer? This is a common question raised by people across the world. It is an enticing spice with more than 300 different types of components. This includes essential elements and nutrients like magnesium, vitamin C and niacin. Turmeric comprises of useful polyphenols like quercetin and curcumin too. Studies state that turmeric is a compound that can delight potential consumers with healthier and longer life. With this being said, how does turmeric work? Here is a quick insight on how turmeric can help you live longer.

Improved Dietary Routines

orange turmeric powerAccording to a recent study, human aging is caused due to certain activities and unhealthy dietary routines. Some food items can reduce your lifespan drastically. This is why foods that promote aging should be avoided in the long run. Aging has a sturdy impact on how the brain functions. With time the brain would mature naturally and increase the chances of dying. This is an unavoidable phenomenon; however, the process can be slowed down! This is when herbs like turmeric become useful.

Turmeric Anti Inflammatory Properties

Turmeric has a very interesting nutrient called curcumin. The nutrient acquired plenty of media attention when its ability to cure Alzheimer’s disease and fight against cancer was discovered. Nothing about curcumin is conclusive. Nevertheless, it is a nutrient with lots of potential. Curcumin has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can boost your body’s wellness and health. Anything that reduces inflammation will have a profound impact on your health. When compared against many anti-inflammatory drugs, turmeric proves to be effective. Curcumin revitalizes the body at molecular level. Conversely, it follows a series of steps to ensure the consumer’s health. Top 12 anti-inflammatory recipes have turmeric in it! By including a teaspoon of fresh turmeric in your day-to-day diet, you can soothe pain and prevent many illnesses.

Reduced Cholesterol

anti inflammatory foods with turmericMore than 45% of the world is affected by cholesterol. It is a mighty killer of all times. Studies declare that turmeric can lower cholesterol. The essential ingredient works by altering the genes involved in diverse processes like cholesterol homeostasis.

Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Do you know that Alzheimer’s disease is extremely low (nearly 4.4 times) amongst Indian Asians, when compared against the rest of the world? This can be attributed to the presence of turmeric in their diet. Scientifically, curcumin clears amyloid plaques that can increase the rate at which the Alzheimer’s disease spreads in the body. The nutrient uses its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Relieve from Depression

Depression and anxiety can increase the rate at which you age. People with high levels of depression and hypertension will reduce their lifespan drastically. In a controlled analysis, turmeric is as powerful as Prozac (a drug used to fight against depression).

A Detox Agent!

Finally, turmeric will help you live a longer life by cleansing the body. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory detoxification agent which reduces fibromyalgia and fatigue in patients.

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